Cedar Meadows Airpark

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Airpark update Febuary 2014

Phase 1

The Cedar Meadows Airpark is a  small residential fly-in community, that consists of eighteen residential lots, sixteen (16) are in Jefferson County, West Virginia and two (2) in Clarke County, Virginia.  Four custom built homes have been constructed.

The construction phase of the airpark is complete. The roads are complete and all lots have been sold. There have been a couple of lots put back on the market for sale by present homeowners having to relocate due to employment.



The runway built as part of Phase 1 has been completed and is currently in use. It is very hard,very smooth grass surface and is 100' x 3000' long.  The runway crowns in the center for drainage to keep the runway useable more often even during the wet season. The airstrip identifier application is being submitted to the FAA so as to  be added to the VA and WV sectional.

Future plans would possibly include runway & taxi lighting and possible paving.

T-Hangars Available

Included in the airpark plan will be a 30 unit, double nested, metal t-hangar building with bi-fold doors.    The units are to be 42' wide by 34' deep with a 14' high eave.  All units to be the same size. Hangar will include guttering that will be collected  to a central holding system to compensate for future plans of a wash rack and small restroom and other needs.

The financial institution is requiring that the units be reserved prior to the construction of the hangars.  Several units are available, please contact via email at cedarmeadowsairpark@yahoo.com for more detailed information. Usage agreement rates lower until the construction begins.

A zoning permit is required by the county. It is our intention to have this complete by years end .

More To Come.........